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But for many smaller businesses deploying a major software solution is like navigating uncharted waters. You can’t expect a silver bullet. In fact, you’ll likely need to stitch together a variety of technologies and platforms to create a solution custom-matched to your needs.
SharePoint is one of the most used platforms for collaboration, business process management, and file sharing. By discovering your business needs and exploring customizable features, leveraging SharePoint can provide a long-term, scalable solution.
E- Learning uses technology to enables people to learn anytime and anywhere. E-Learning is an approach for training and delivering information and guidance just-in-time. Using computer and communication technology, e-learning facilitates an effective learning process by incorporating providing increased interactivity.
Content Management Systems (CMS) are imperative for businesses that want an efficient way for employees to share documents and knowledge. One of the biggest struggles prior to development of CMS seems to be the choice of SharePoint CMS vs .NET CMS.
The SharePoint platform provides a globally accessible content management system to manage web content, documents, records, and other media in a secure, hassle-free environment that improves collaboration and communication in any business setting. Through the platform, team members can easily work together and share ideas, leading to more effective decision-making and greater productivity through more cost-efficient means.
Ask any human resources department about how much overall productivity is lost by employee turnover and you’ll likely get the same answer – a lot. The hiring and firing of employees creates a ripple effect that is felt throughout an organization and impedes workflow due to confusion and lack of communication. However, an effective automated turnover process with SharePoint can mitigate this loss in production. Automation ultimately facilitates a work process and also helps in decision making.
Many organizations use both SharePoint to manage content and SalesForce to manage customer relationships. But, in doing so, often create extra work for themselves by not linking the two applications to communicate seamlessly. Maintaining data at both ends becomes problematic and is an unnecessary hassle. However, this difficulty can be overcome by integrating SalesForce and SharePoint so they share data seamlessly. There are several methods for integrating these technologies.

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