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After performing countless assessments of business operations, I have become very sensitive to the inefficient processes that can be improved with better organization or automation.While most businesses are oblivious to these minor inefficiencies that only waste a few seconds each time they are performed, I cringe when I think about how many work hours are lost over the course of a year.
Your dashboard allows you, for example, to dig beneath your 20% sales growth for the year and find out what’s driving sales up. With a couple taps on your keyboard you can mine the data to discover what’s beneath the trend—whether it’s new customers, a growth segment, a new product or, perhaps, a sales representative who has found the magic formula.
Are you looking to re-imagine your company’s infrastructure and implement a cloud-based platform that synchronizes with your on-premise enterprise applications? Do you want to streamline workflow processes and enhance collaboration with communication tools that can be accessed from mobile phones or desktops?
A large chunk of data stored in a database, which is usually recognized by its location and size instead of its structure is known as a binary large object (BLOB) in SharePoint 2013. These BLOBs are mostly unstructured data and we can store them in SharePoint content database with structured data or associated metadata. We often refer them as unstructured data i.e. audio and video files.
Many organizations use both SharePoint to manage content and SalesForce to manage customer relationships. But, in doing so, often create extra work for themselves by not linking the two applications to communicate seamlessly. Maintaining data at both ends becomes problematic and is an unnecessary hassle. However, this difficulty can be overcome by integrating SalesForce and SharePoint so they share data seamlessly. There are several methods for integrating these technologies.
SharePoint is very effective collaboration platform. The right SharePoint solutions can empower your organization to streamline your business processes, to enhance productivity, and gain competitive advantages. However, SharePoint’s features and business benefits can face issues at times. Below, find some common issues related to SharePoint, and how our team solved them.
In Software development life cycle, once project requirement phase is complete, it’s time for technical architecture team to decide what will be the technology we are going to opt in order to achieve the requirements with development ease, meeting the timeline, quality. SharePoint 2010 and are widely used technologies and deciding which one to use out of the two is really important in order to achieve the target in deadlines and increase the productivity.

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