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Nomica is a fresh, contemporary take on Japanese cuisine, set in the vibrant Upper Market neighborhood of San Francisco. A sister to the highly awarded Sushi Ran in Sausalito, Nomica puts an urban twist on innovative Japanese food. Nomica’s name (Noe-Mission-Castro), a nod to our vibrant neighborhood, by happy coincidence, also means “drinking house” in Japanese. Our full bar features creative cocktails made with awamori, a traditional Okinawan spirit.
“FiDi was a natural choice because our food is quick, fresh, and healthy. For people that eat lunch out several times a week, they can come to Sababa and have a real meal, with vibrant flavors and seasonings, but within their lunch hour and budget.“
“Sababa is a Hebrew and Arabic slang word meaning to have a good time - and really that’s how I describe what we try to do at Sababa.”
“I’ve always wanted to open my own restaurant, but always thought it would be later in my life, after years of fine dining training. Instead, I came to the conclusion that I like cooking casual, tasty food, especially my childhood cuisine from Israel. At the age of 23, instead of finishing up a business degree while working in fine dining, I decided to take the plunge and pursue Sababa seriously.“
“I’ve probably changed the recipe (for the falafel) 10 times before I was happy with it. That being said, I highly recommend trying a sabik sandwich. It’s something uniquely Israeli. It comes from Iraqi jews that came to Israel, and it’s now one of the most popular sandwiches in Israel.”
Grab a bar seat at this new Japanese restaurant to watch focused cooks make tamagoyaki, layered omelets in little square pans. The house-made tofu is another favorite.
Just try not to relax at Rintaro. Sorry, you can’t. You can’t be stressed here. There’s no more serene venue to dine at in San Francisco and the tranquility really sets in when you start tasting the purity of the yakitori and the careful balance of flavors in the concluding broth with hand-rolled udon. The much celebrated, painstakingly made omelet frankly isn’t all that great, but don’t panic; the sashimi, salads, and everything else could be at a Chez Panisse in Kyoto (the chef/owner is an Alice Waters school alum). Try to sit on the patio if it’s open; it’s a magical oasis in the Mission-SoMa border no man’s land.
Sababa is Hebrew slang for something along the lines of "cool," "great," and/or "general satisfaction," which is exactly what you’ll feel in FiDi’s newest fast-casual lunch destination, especially if you love pita. The hot pita bar serves pita in just about every form -- sandwich, salad, bowl -- with falafel, chicken, and kofta. It’s… sababa. Head there to score a hearty Israeli lunch for around $12.
The first time we tasted Chef Adam Rosenblum’s cheeseburger at Causwells in the Marina, we knew we’d just discovered what may very well be SF’s best burger. And we weren’t alone. Which is why we are so stoked he and partner Alvin Garcia recently opened Popsons, a burger joint dedicated to serving that same delicious burger (plus lots of variations, hot dogs, chili cheese fries, shakes, wine, and beer) right next to the Warfield in the Mid-Market area. It’s tempting to call the original cheeseburger classic because in many ways that’s exactly what it is.
Chase came in with a friend and his friend asked for a special request. They were wondering whether we could make a wing with 1/2 Chris’s Honey and 1/2 Hot Buffalo. We said yes. We added it to our menu because it was that good. Thanks Chase.
The wings destination has found a new home in the old U-Lee space at the corner of Hyde and Jackson Streets in Nob Hill.
Pretty Please Bakeshop is an independently owned bakery by a UC Berkeley grad,  located in San Francisco's Inner Richmond, specializing in custom cakes and classic treats, with a modern sensibility and baked in-house, from scratch, using only the finest ingredients. What's popular: Twinks and ding-dongs. What you should get: Cheesecake.
Yep, that’s right. San Francisco officially has a boozy, semi-upscale (well, by fast food standards) Taco Bell — something we definitely never needed but can’t help but be a little proud (or maybe ashamed?) of.
With exposed brick, rustic wood paneling, brushed steel accents, and wooden and metal stools with a slight patina, the Taco Bell Cantina is undeniably “urban.” The SoMa outpost (located at 710 3rd St) in San Francisco is the second one in America — the first opened in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015.
Other amenities include flat screen TV monitors, a mobile ordering app and pickup window, and outlets with USB ports. After 5pm, the menu expands to include “Shareables” like a rolled tacos platter (aka taquitos), chicken tenders, mini quesadilla nachos, and chili cheese nachos. Taco Bell likes to refer to these menu items as “tapas-style.” A bit of stretch, me thinks.

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