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Lack of integration of ever-increasing critical data is a problem many organizations are facing today. In many cases, companies have added applications as needed, and as the technology became available. Or, they acquired a business and gained its system. In either case, the result is the same: valuable data is stuck in separate information silos. For example, your sales team may be using Salesforce, while your marketing team uses Marketo and the HR team uses Payday. When a company is operating this way, without data integration, departments function independently and reporting and information sharing becomes cumbersome.
Enter the arena of cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and you’ll discover the underdog, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, battling it out with the heavy-weight competitor, Salesforce. Meanwhile, industry giants such as Oracle Siebel and SAP CRM are sitting on the sidelines.
The cost of attracting a new customer is significantly higher than retaining an old one. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems centralize data and make it quickly and easily accessible to develop deeper relationships with customers. By using CRM to personalize their approach to customer interactions, companies can engage with them more often and more meaningfully.
With each new update, CRM market leader Salesforce has increasingly become a complete end-to-end ERP system. From its early days as Software as a Service (SaaS) to its current Platform as a Service (PaaS), Salesforce is now so comprehensive that you can run your entire business with it.
The ability to generate, automate, and customize reports is a powerful feature of many cloud-based CRM and ERP platforms. Quick and customizable report generation puts your data to use and gives you a clear overview of how you are doing and where you need to improve.
Many organizations use both SharePoint to manage content and SalesForce to manage customer relationships. But, in doing so, often create extra work for themselves by not linking the two applications to communicate seamlessly. Maintaining data at both ends becomes problematic and is an unnecessary hassle. However, this difficulty can be overcome by integrating SalesForce and SharePoint so they share data seamlessly. There are several methods for integrating these technologies.
Salesforce’s re-imagined platform, Lightning Experience, is now on the market. If you’ll be asked whether your company should purchase the Salesforce Lightning Experience, you'll need to be able to explain its advantages and some of the snags employees already using the Classic version will encounter.
The emerging cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce have evolved into extremely capable systems that can address business process automation to the point of becoming potential gateways to Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) systems.
Savvy companies make the most of their data by creating executive dashboards from within their CRMs instead of allowing their customer relationship management (CRM) software to merely become systems of record. The dynamic, visual format of these customized dashboards allows them to analyze defined criteria for meaningful trends and actionable metrics, leading to faster and better decision-making.
While nobody could say with certainty that the deal would happen, most of the industry experts we spoke to believe that if Salesforce were to win this deal, Twitter would be an excellent fit.
R Ray Wang, principal analyst and founder at Constellation Research, says that for him it’s about the battle for what he calls ‘the relationship graph’ where the consumer graph and the enterprise graphs converge. “This is what made LinkedIn so attractive to both Microsoft and Salesforce. The graph is activated by artificial intelligence (AI) and this is why there is mass interest. Twitter, like LinkedIn, provides a very large and active graph,”
“Salesforce’s competitors are snapping up [data sources] and will integrate them into their platforms to add additional perspective and intelligence,” Brent Leary, co-founder at CRM Essentials told TechCrunch. “If this deal with Twitter happens, it’s to add a constant flow of information into their AI platform, to marry it with their transactional and customer information,” he added. That combination could provide additional data fuel for Einstein.
“The enterprise social play for them is that there’s good alignment with Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud on social channels, though it could certainly augment their Community Cloud offering as well,”
“Twitter is not that big in the greater scheme of things compared to Facebook and the aggregate of other platforms where “conversations” are happening.” Still, Hinchcliffe argues, it remains the most powerful platform for large-scale marketing and customer service and this could be what Salesforce is hoping to take advantage of by owning it.
“Licensing access to the data source is in my opinion a better and much more affordable route to actually buying the company. Twitter has over $2B in revenue and likely would demand a big multiple in any sale. Though a firm like Microsoft could absorb that kind of deal and barely be bruised if it backfired, it would be a massive [financial] risk for Salesforce,”

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