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Putting an end to a fierce competition in the pet-sitting business, Rover and DogVacay have agreed to join forces. Rover will be acquiring DogVacay in an all-stock deal.
Both had a very similar model, with a marketplace for pet sitting, dog walking and other pet-care services. Each take about a 20 percent cut from bookings. Total bookings on the combined sites amounted to $150 million for 2016. The growing businesses are not yet profitable.
The merged company will be headquartered at Rover’s Seattle location. The DogVacay team will remain in Santa Monica, but with 22 positions set to be eliminated.
One of the new focuses will be to expand internationally. DogVacay already does well in Canada, which Easterly was enthusiastic about. They also plan to grow their dog-walking business and potentially introduce other pet-related categories.
A cat will extend its claws for many different things such as to kneed (when they are content they might put their paws out, claws extended, and then pull them in rhythmically which is how they get their mother’s milk to flow). A cat might extend its claws in anger or fear. Claws are also extended for cleaning purposes as well as scratching which can mean several things such as ownership, sharpening claws for a fight, or dominance. Claws can be removed, but please don't; instead, set up a weekly routine of trimming their claws and give them plenty of things to scratch.
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I don't know about NY State but I believe cats are also required to have rabies shots. Even indoor cats can bite someone or another animal. I don't know what vaccines you're referring to that cause cancer as the one for feline leukemia is very important and distemper will kill a cat in 3 days and is very contagious. Those are the only vaccines I know about and my 3 babies get their shots when they're due without fail.I've owned over 30 cats in the last 40 years and not one went without shots and not one got cancer from them yet my daughter just had to put her kitten down as it was born with cancer due to the mother not having its shots. No argument,just a fact. You can probably get away with not doing any shots but the rabies as it's a totally inside cat.
AMERICA is experiencing a population boom — of pets. Driven by rising disposable income and urbanization and by evolving attitudes toward animals, the number of pets has grown more rapidly since the mid-1970s than the human population, to the point where there are now about as many pets as there are people.
It's illegal to own pet hamsters in Hawaii. The climate is similar to hamsters' natural desert habitat, and agricultural and environmental officials have expressed concern that released or escaped hamsters could establish wild colonies and damage crops and native plants and animals.
"Here's the interesting thing, is that we have never had a pet break anything here," Conklin says. "We've had people, myself included, who have broken a number of these delicate pieces. But we have never to our knowledge had a pet break anything."
Conklin agrees. She says the pets-at-work policy costs the company nothing, and staff often say it's their favorite perk. Conklin also says it helps with employee retention, too, though longevity can become bittersweet.
"It's oftentimes very emotional, because sometimes you see someone come in with a puppy and you watch that dog go through its life," Conklin says, her voice cracking. "And then unfortunately sometimes we lose them, and it's amazing to see that lifespan of that dog here at work."
Studies show pets lower stress hormones, and some show that workplaces that allow pets see higher morale and productivity.
Hey, did you know that cat people are smarter than dog people? Or that they’re more sensitive? Or more independent? And dog people, there’s good news for you guys, too. Dog owners tend to be more satisfied with their lives, possibly because they make more money, enjoy more robust social lives, and have more sex. It’s true. Google it.
The stat about dog owners having more sex, for example, came from a small survey conducted by a company that manufactures pet nutraceuticals — but still, it generated a bunch of headlines when it was released.
“We all know perfectly well that people don’t always acquire their pets through their own actions. You might decide to live with and/or marry a person with a beagle named King, and so now you qualify for a new status as part owner of a dog. It’s possible that the reason you were attracted to your intimate partner is because both of you are equally extraverted, but it’s also possible that because like doesn’t always pair up with like, you are the complete introvert.
Taking this one step further, now that you’re King’s co-owner, perhaps having such a large and friendly animal starts to have an impact on you and your personal qualities. Now you have to take this dog out for walks, and because the dog goes ahead and sniffs other dogs, you are almost forced into conversations with strangers that you never would have engaged in otherwise. Over time, perhaps you get a little bit less introverted as you find these conversations to be pretty enjoyable and rewarding. You never thought of yourself as a dog person but now you do.”
The researchers found that dog people scored higher on extraversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness, while cat people showed higher levels of neuroticism and openness.
A 2007 study in the journal Society and Animals found that cat owners tended to rate their pets as more hostile, while dog owners rated theirs as friendlier, more loving, and more submissive — traits that may speak to to their owners’ emotional needs.
Dog food standards are set by The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), the same people who regulate livestock feed. However, the FDA supposedly determines the quality – but their regulations clearly are not working – all the recalls and poisoned pets are a testament to that.
“Ingredients from rendering facilities, for instance, should be avoided. You’ll recognize these ingredients on the label under generic terms like ‘meat’ and ‘meat meal.’ In California, they’ve given them the appetizing name of “dry rendered tankage.” So why avoid them? It’s almost impossible to tell what’s being rendered: it can be road kill, zoo animals, and sometimes even spoiled meat from the grocery store that’s still wrapped in plastic.”
Berkeley is considering a groundbreaking proposal that would be the first of its kind in California: to prohibit landlords from restricting tenants with dogs, cats, and small animals under 25 pounds. The proposal, created by Berkeley Councilmember Jesse Arreguin, went to vote on Tuesday, but will go for further review and clarification over the next few months.
And the service animal problem is what actually inspired Arreguin to create the proposal. He believes that allowing more people to legally have pets will bring down the number of tenants falsely claiming the need for emotional-support animals. It would also cut down on the number of animals who are taken to shelters (and that have to eventually be put down when they can’t be adopted) when their owners can’t find new housing that allows for their animals.
The main opponents are landlords. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the Berkeley Property Owners Association is less than thrilled with the idea, which they think will just cause more problems. One example, which is actually legitimate, is health problems that current and future tenants may have from being exposed to allergens from pets. One Berkeley landlord told the Chron, “Once a unit has housed a dog or cat, it’s sometimes impossible to clean the unit enough for someone with allergies, especially if the unit has a carpet.” Others say that allowing pets will bring up rent and security deposits for all tenants in an already high-priced and competitive area.

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