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While most managers jump in and try to fix issues that arise, you need to go one step further--stop the problems from rearing their ugly heads in the first place. That means being proactive--building processes and systems that generate work output. Then you can watch over your business’ engine rather than becoming one of the cogs in the machine.
LAST WEEK, 461 Dean became the world’s tallest modular building. Designed by New York architecture firm SHoP, the Brooklyn residential tower consists of 363 pre-fab apartments that stack like Tetris blocks into a 32-story building. It’s an impressive architectural feat, to be sure—but 461 Dean is also an important test of modular design’s potential to make cities more affordable.
Over 37 percent of New Yorkers were born in another country, so it’s unsurprising that the city’s residents speak a wide range of languages—but by any account, 800 is impressive. Plus, some of the languages, like Quechua or Garifuna, are extremely rare or dying out even in their countries of origin.
Mr. Hanna has long said he would not support Mr. Trump in the general election. By throwing his support to Mrs. Clinton, he becomes the first Republican member of Congress to go beyond disavowing Mr. Trump, and join forces with the Democrats against him.
“I was stunned by the callousness of his comments,” Mr. Hanna said. “I think Trump is a national embarrassment. Is he really the guy you want to have the nuclear codes?”
“She stands and has stood for causes bigger than herself for a lifetime,” he said. “That matters.”
Mr. Hanna, who is retiring from Congress at the end of his term, has been a maverick within the Republican Party since his election in 2010. He drew a serious primary challenger from the right in 2014 in large part because of his vocal support for same-sex marriage.
In recent years, cuddling — billed as therapeutic, nonsexual touch on sites like the Snuggle Buddies and Cuddlist — has become the latest thing in wellness, beyond yoga and meditation.
For $79, practitioners who sign up for Cuddlist, for example, receive about 10 hours of training. Once trained, pro cuddlers promise a physical and psychic salve through spooning, arm tickling and deep embraces. Think of it as a blend of talk therapy, yoga and improvisational bodywork, the free jazz equivalent of massage.
It’s nonsexual, so there’s rules in place, like keeping your clothes on the whole time. They’re usually held in a yoga-type studio, with yoga mats, pillows, blankets. You come in, take off your shoes, put a name tag on. The first 45 minutes are icebreakers: getting to know each other, going over rules about consent, communication.
It’s your imagination; there’s no limit. Me, specifically, I loved being able to put my head in someone’s lap, and having my hair played with. I love being the big spoon. I like little arm tickles. And the ears. The ears are awesome, just to play with them. Or even playing footsie, that’s one, too. It’s seriously like drugs. You’re done with the party and you’re stoned from the cuddling.
We start off by agreeing if at any point either one of us is uncomfortable with anything, we’re going to speak up, so that takes that off our minds. I basically say my boundaries, that I’m not comfortable being touched in any areas that would be covered by a two-piece bathing suit, basically. Someone once asked me to wear shorts, and I wasn’t comfortable with that. That’s like the worst of it.
Designers Hadeel Ayed Mohammad, Yifeng Zhao and Chengda Zhu created a proposal for a building they call the Hive. The towering structure would sit in the center of Manhattan and act as a centralized location for drone pilots to touch down between flights.
According to the designers, the Hive would be capable of housing nine different types of drones, categorized by the shape and scale of their landing fixtures. Drones dock to the building horizontally, locked into place once on the landing surface.
Of course, the Hive is never going to be built—especially not in downtown Manhattan, in the spot where the tallest residential tower in the western hemisphere is set to be constructed. But it's an interesting bit of imagining as to what the future might bring.
I'm standing on the corner of 15th Street and Third Avenue in New York City, and I'm freezing. But my iPhone is on fire. After connecting to one of LinkNYC's gigabit wireless hotspots, the futuristic payphone replacements that went live for beta testing this morning, I'm seeing download speeds of 280 Mbps and upload speeds of 317 Mbps (based on Speedtest's benchmark). To put it in perspective, that's around ten times the speed of the average American home internet connection (which now sits at 31 Mbps). And to top it all off, LinkNYC doesn't cost you a thing.
Amazon turned the S train into the SS train, and some straphangers are pissed.
As part of the promotional campaign for the Web-only program, Amazon decorated the 42nd Street shuttle running between Times Square and Grand Central with Nazi regalia. Train seats on one side of the subway car feature the stylized fascist version of the Reichsadler (Imperial Eagle) prominently used in Hitler-era Germany, albeit with the swastika replaced by an Iron Cross. On the other side, the Rising Sun Flag, often associated with Japanese military forces during the same period, is displayed.
Versions of the Rising Sun Flag are still in use by Japan's self-defense forces, but the flag is considered especially offensive to many in Korea and China, where it is associated with vicious Japanese imperialism dating back to the 1800s.
The ads are certainly jarring, more so because many subway riders are likely unaware of the show's existence at all. That's probably the point. The Man in the High Castle is not subtle about its alternate, Nazi-run reality, where police wear swastika armbands and forced euthanasia is just a thing authorities do on Tuesdays.
Fair Folks & a Goat is a members-only café that doubles as a retail store. It has locations in New York City's Greenwich Village and East Village neighborhoods.
For $25 a month, customers can enjoy unlimited coffee, espresso, lattes, tea, and lemonade.
The membership fee has drawn in many regular customers since the store’s opening in 2012.
There, in about two years, they plan to open Bourdain Market, a vast collection of about 100 retail and wholesale food vendors from New York, the nation and overseas, including fishmongers, butchers, bakers and other artisans, and eventually at least one full-service restaurant.
But “the beating heart and soul” of the project, Mr. Bourdain said, will be a Singapore-style hawker market, with communal eating spaces surrounded by small stands selling street foods from around the world — many of them mom-and-pop operations that Mr. Bourdain and his team plan to bring here.
The project is envisioned as a public market, patterned after models like Pike Place Market in Seattle. Such markets are economic engines for their communities, drawing locals as well as tourists and serving as incubators for small businesses that may move on to bigger stages. They do not allow chain or franchise operations.
A public park is planned for the roof of the pier, which will also be home to the Tribeca Film Festival for two to three weeks each year.

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