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Dr. X is a dad. Appropriately – boringly – at 4:37 p.m. on a national holiday, he is lighting a charcoal grill, about to grab a pair of tongs with one hand and a beer with the other
Somewhat less conventionally, two hours ago, he was escorting a woman around his yard, helping her walk off a large dose of MDMA.
This would be psychedelic-assisted therapy, the not-new but increasingly popular practice of administering psychotropic substances to treat a wide range of physical, psychological and psycho-spiritual concerns.
She'd been skeptical going in, but after it was over, Dr. X says, "She was so angry that it was illegal."
"I'm seeing that consciousness correlates to disease," he says. "Every disease." Narcolepsy. Cataplexy. Crohn's. Diabetes – one patient's psychedelic therapy preceded a 30 percent reduction in fasting blood-sugar levels.
The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies has been conducting groundbreaking trials on using MDMA to help war veterans, rape victims and others with post-traumatic stress disorder process their trauma and move forward in life.
"One thing the MDMA facilitates is thinking about traumatic experiences in a neutral, safe manner. I could objectively think about them and talk about them. Then, it seems those memories are put back in their place in the brain in a different configuration — a configuration that does not cause as many problems, such as bad dreams, intrusive thoughts all the time or having horrible insomnia because you can't get the shit out of your mind. This has continued to this day, a year and a half after the last MDMA session."
"MDMA has a safety profile that is far better than most anti-anxiety [medications] and antidepressants. If there was money to be made on MDMA therapy, it would already be legal.The current evidence for MDMA's effectiveness with PTSD is already very clear.
"At some point, it will be legal, because it has to be."
Just when you thought that the liberal clubbing capital of Amsterdam couldn't get anymore lenient or progressive in its drug policy, the Dutch Liberal Democrats youth wing have announced that for one day they will be opening the world's first MDMA shop in order to highlight the need for harm reduction over prohibition.
intention is to display "why regulation is better than leaving the distribution to illegal street dealers", and to keep within the confines of the current law they will be handing out placebos*.
Open only for a single day, the shop aims to bring the conversation of MDMA decriminalisation to the Dutch parliament, in the hope that they can educate people at a grassroots level of the dangers of drug use.

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