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Last year Apple launched Swift, the new programming language for iOS and OS X apps. Offering more flexibility than both C and Objective-C, Swift is great for beginners and offers enhanced code reading, debugging, and writing capabilities.
Most importantly, iOS 9.3 fixes a critical security bug in iMessages. Without the fix, photos and videos you send to other iPhone users are susceptible to an attack that allows hackers to obtain your encryption key. In order to fully patch the security bug and no longer be vulnerable, every iPhone user you message with has to have also updated to iOS 9.3.
The new OS is pretty rad! It extends the 3D Touch feature to more apps, which makes accessing apps on your Apple devices much faster. The update also adds Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint locks to the Notes app, and it works just like unlocking your phone from the home screen.
But the coolest update is Night Shift, a new feature for iOS that accounts for research that finds blue light before bed makes for a less peaceful night’s rest. The new features automatically adjusts the brightness and warms the colors on your screen after sunset.
It could also get passwords and other sensitive information from your phone by accessing the device's clipboard, Palo Alto Networks said in a blog post.
Apps like Angry Birds 2, WeChat, and the popular business card reader CamCard have been affected by the malware.
Apple said that infected versions of apps had made their way into the App Store because developers had been using a fake version of Apple's developer code, according to The New York Times.
The Pokémon Company has announced a new mobile game called Pokémon Go, produced in collaboration with Nintendo and Niantic, the former Google subsidiary behind the Ingress augmented reality game. Pokémon Go looks to follow in the footsteps of Ingress, letting players find virtual Pokémon and do battle in the real world, powered by GPS. Niantic broke away from Google after the Alphabet reorganization.
The next version of iOS comes with a major new feature called ‘content blockers’ which will allow users to install apps that block trackers, advertisements and other unwanted content for the first time.
Back at its Build developer conference in April, Microsoft made the surprising announcement that it was creating a way for iOS and Android developers to port their apps to Windows. For iOS programs, this is achieved using a set of libraries and development tools that together are codenamed "Project Islandwood."
"As soon as you take the photo, you click 'next,' and the app extracts all of the colors in the image to help you find the shade you want. (You can also take screenshots from your favorite websites or Instagram feed and import the image via the gallery button.) Once you select it and press print, the Mink app sends instructions over to the Mink printer and dyes a powder the selected color. Simply remove the powder, and mix it into your desired medium — be it an eyeshadow, lipstick, or gloss."
Here’s the thing: Apple needs to separate its apps — or at least some of them — from requiring entire iOS updates as soon as it can.
In other words: About one of every two computers sold today is running Android. Google’s once underappreciated side bet has become Earth’s dominant computing platform.
Google’s version of Android faces increasing competition from hungry rivals, including upstart smartphone makers in developing countries that are pushing their own heavily modified take on the software. There are also new threats from Apple, which has said that its recent record number of iPhone sales came, in part, thanks to people switching from Android.
Apple vacuumed up nearly 90 percent of the profits in the smartphone business. The stark numbers prompted a troubling question for Android and for Google: How will the search company — or anyone else, for that matter — ever make much money from Android?
In 2014, Google Play sold about $10 billion in apps, of which Google kept about $3 billion (the rest was paid out to developers). Apple makes more from its App Store. Sales there exceeded $14 billion in 2014
Because Xiaomi and others don’t make much of a profit by selling phones, they’re all looking for other ways to make money — and for many, the obvious business is in apps offering mail, messaging and other services that compete with Google’s own moneymaking apps.
About 30 percent of Android smartphones shipped in the last quarter of 2014 were actually modified, or forked, versions of the OS that may not be very hospitable to Google’s services
“a higher rate of switchers than we’ve experienced in previous iPhone cycles.” Apple has not specified the rate of switching, but a survey by Cowen & Company found that 16 percent of people who bought the latest iPhones previously owned Android devices; in China, that rate was 29 percent.

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