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With rapidly changing technology and market trends, being more responsive to customers is a key factor to success for any organization. This process includes introducing new services and products, as well as the effective management of customer service issues. Social media channels have introduced a whole new dimension to the market, and through these channels, any ignored or frustrated customers can share their views to the global audience. For example, a YouTube video uploaded by Dave Carroll - a frustrated customer of United Airlines - got a staggering 12 million views.
Achieving success as an IT business cannot be done alone. Trusted partnerships and relationships are paramount in fueling the success of your business. When it comes to vendor selection, a mutually beneficial relationship can advance the goals for both parties. However, a poor vendor selection can backfire and create a destructive environment. AllianceTek recently experienced first-hand the harmful repercussions of a wrong vendor selection. While it created a difficult situation, it did allow us to gain some valuable insight about working with vendors that we would like to pass along.
“It has recently come to our attention that a small number of our customers have experienced gastrointestinal issues after consuming Soylent Bars,” the company said. “As a precautionary measure, we are halting all Soylent Bar purchases and shipments and are advising our customers to discard any remaining bars in their possession.”
It's easy to automatically include each customer’s first name, last name, company names and a whole ton of other info specific to their profile. Read more about personalizing message with variables here.
PayPal will also pay an extra $10 million in fines to the CFPB, so the total settlement is $25 million. The CFPB accused PayPal of all sorts of schemes, so many that it kinda sounds like PayPal is run by my Grandpa Hirtz in his 1980s casino-boat drinking days rather than business professionals.
"The more important thing is that we don't feel like our customer service support is where it needs to be right now," he said. "We think customers are right. When they say our support's bad, our initial reaction isn't to say, 'No, it's actually good. Look at all of this.' It's to say that, no, they're probably right, because they usually are when it comes to this kind of thing. We hear those complaints, and that's gonna be a big focus for us throughout the year. We have a lot of work to do there. We have to do better."
While 73 percent of busineseses think they’re doing a good job of communicating to customers via SMS, email, phone calls, and other means of communication, only 36 percent of their customers agree. That’s a “care gap” of 37 percentage points that mBlox feels companies can close with better mobile communication.
“The disciplines of customer service, marketing, and information technology are converging, and a more holistic concept of the customer experience has emerged,” Mblox CEO Tom Cotney said in a statement. “A company’s ability to demonstrate care in a way that resonates with its customers is essential to creating positive brand experiences, establishing healthy relationships, and achieving long-term success.”
When you check in at the airport and Delta asks for your mobile number so the airline can text you if there are delays or issues, you typically give it. It’s helpful, useful, and non-intrusive. — as long as the company fulfills the unspoken contract and does not use your mobile number for additional marketing later on.
“If businesses want to delight their customers and achieve top performance scores, they should start with their own misperceptions about customer satisfaction,” the study concludes.

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