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When application components reside in different locations, visibility issues arise that can hinder a holistic view of the corporate environment and create a disconnect between IT operations and the enterprise in terms of timely, effective decision making. Will moving to the cloud make your organization more agile? Will the cloud computing improve productivity? What are the security and compliance implications of cloud-based storage? Maintaining a business-centric cloud strategy keeps the emphasis on business objectives rather than focusing exclusively on specific cloud features.
Customer loyalty is a key driver of profitability in the age of industry consolidation. Acquiring, growing, and retaining profitable customer relationships will sustain your company’s competitive edge.
Apple and other companies such as Zappos, Amazon and JetBlue have been able to create successful new business in recent years because they focused intensely on the customer experience.
Leading automakers focus on core principles that don’t change, such as reliability, affordability, and practicality. Customers had these common needs 20 years ago, they want them today, and they will want them 20 years from now.
Meanwhile, some companies need to stay viable and healthy by having product lines that turn over quickly. These companies achieve success, in part, by having a pipeline of innovations that continuously replace outdated features and products. They recognize that their products and innovation investments must continuously improve to fulfill their customers’ activity and life needs.
The new Total Experience Design model provides a simple yet comprehensive means of auditing your customer’s entire experience. The chapter includes a useful template framework for assessing your product portfolio today and envisioning it in the future. Needs-understanding coupled with the right product features are the key ingredients for creating a valued customer experience.

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