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Therefore, you want to empower your office workers to be as productive production line workers. You don’t want to fall victim to the number one killer of small and mid-sized businesses--the time and energy people spend on non-value-added work. The ongoing wasted salary costs are obvious. There are, however, other unseen costs. Employees who are not empowered by processes and systems become less engaged. That’s because they’re doing menial work, and are unable to follow their passions and use their talents.
While most managers jump in and try to fix issues that arise, you need to go one step further--stop the problems from rearing their ugly heads in the first place. That means being proactive--building processes and systems that generate work output. Then you can watch over your business’ engine rather than becoming one of the cogs in the machine.
Because employees generally make up the lion’s share of businesses’ resources, how they use their time is the first place to look when attempting to maximize productivity. Since officer workers’ productivity is usually not scrutinized the same way as that of production line workers, this is where business managers often find the low-hanging fruit.

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