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“I don’t care which way you decide. But if you choose to swim on the national team — if you’re going to train these next two weeks, and get in the pool to race — I don’t want to hear another word about your broken foot until after the meet is over.”
That day, down at the pool, when my coach made me make a decision about how I would proceed, he taught me the power of mindset and how important it is to not let an excuse build up in front of you.
No one has perfect circumstances. I realized, as I looked around the pool, that everyone has something — tired, bad night of sleep, social stress, and more — and the ones who find a way to do it in spite of, and alongside, all that’s going on, are the ones that rise to the top. When we make excuses, we’re just making excuses.
You’re either strengthening the muscle that makes excuses, or you’re strengthening the muscle that does it anyway.
4. You are not the work you do; you are the person you are.
And there will come a day when you would give everything you have left to have what you have right now.
We confuse the fact that change requires effort with the myth that success is unlikely. The evidence actually suggests that change is hard much in the same way that it’s hard to finish a marathon or learn a new language. Of course it requires effort. But the fact that it requires effort doesn’t negate the fact that the majority of people who commit to it will eventually succeed.
PANS is thought to be an inflammatory condition that results when an infection or some other invasive trigger spurs the body to turn on itself and attack structures in the brain. For years, scientists had focused on a single infection — group A streptococcal disease — that produced antibodies that attacked the part of the forebrain involved in forming habits, resulting in OCD. Today, the paradigm has widened into a much bigger idea that expands our understanding of psychiatric disease: A whole host of infections and other unknown triggers lead to the production of antibodies and immune cells that can cross into the brain. Depending on where these immune responses land and which brain structures they block, erode or destroy, a range of psychiatric ills can result. In one person, it could be OCD; in the next, it could be hyperactivity and inattention, anxiety, restricted eating, even hallucinations or autistic behavior.
The two discovered that due to the brain’s circuitry, humans are constantly switching between two states of awareness: being either task-positive (actively focusing on a task at hand) or task-negative (wandering or daydreaming). “Seesawing” too rapidly between these two networks can leave your brain feeling “dizzy” and unable to commit to either state. And when are you most likely to be in this confused in-between? When you’re on social media or surfing the web.
P.S. Banking holidays doesn't count as a regular Sunday, so you still better be diligent and plan your shopping!
“I believe when we work together, there is not limit to what we can do. A more united nation means working actively to bring people and communities together by promoting policies which support integration and social cohesion.”
"Help me out here. I feel like I'm failing you here, and I'm absolutely not helpful to you. This conversation isn't going anywhere. What's the problem? Is it about me? Do you think I'm just some obnoxious sales guy and just want to get rid of me? Help me out here."
Orbán kijelentette, nem állhat szándékunkban, és nem is állhat módunkban meghatározni és megtervezni utódaink sorsát
Orbán kijelentette, nem állhat szándékunkban, és nem is állhat módunkban meghatározni és megtervezni utódaink sorsát. Soha nem tudhatjuk, melyik magyarban szólal meg a haza felrázó szava. Feladatunk megőrizni számukra az országot, megtartani nekik a nemzetet, és fogódzóval szolgálni, mely eligazítja őket, mit kell tenniük

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