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We love our Amazon Echo. Among other tasks, my four year old finds the knock knock jokes hilarious, the weather captivating, the ability to summon songs comparable to magic and Echo to be the best speller in the house. But I fear it’s also turning our daughter into a raging asshole. Because Alexa tolerates poor manners.
Our daughter’s fascination with the Echo isn’t an anomaly — I hear from lots of friends that their kids are the most enthusiastic users.
The topic has been wearing on me a bit as I’ve heard so much talk about issues of race and racial diversity in tech, people insisting that we need more people of color in tech—but Asians are so conveniently left out. There are plenty of Asians in tech, and we are people of color. Somehow in the tech context, though, we don’t count. It’s only Blacks or Latin@s. That’s such a strange oversight to me. Sure, Asians are overrepresented in tech, and yes, we complicate the conversation. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be a part of the conversation.
I grew up in the Bay Area. Both my parents were computer science PhDs and software engineers. As a kid I practically grew up in my parents’ office, surrounded by computers. It might seem like I was always destined to be in Silicon Valley and to be a software engineer.
I started thinking I might want to do linguistics.
SharePoint is one of the most used platforms for collaboration, business process management, and file sharing. By discovering your business needs and exploring customizable features, leveraging SharePoint can provide a long-term, scalable solution.
Are you looking to re-imagine your company’s infrastructure and implement a cloud-based platform that synchronizes with your on-premise enterprise applications? Do you want to streamline workflow processes and enhance collaboration with communication tools that can be accessed from mobile phones or desktops?
ASP.NET Web Forms provides look and feel of web applications through UI elements, similar to the windows forms i.e. methods, properties, events and controls within them. Web Forms creates higher level abstraction for developers. UI elements of Web Forms have ability to render in various requests for markup languages.
The .NET Framework lets developers create mobile, desktop, and web applications that run on Windows PCs, devices and servers. With .NET development, there are possibilities for building secure business solutions, such as web applications, user interfaces, database access, and network communication. Business owners can completely automate and streamline their operations with .NET development. Automation tools, such as SharePoint for collaboration, Microsoft Lync for communication, Office 365 for cloud computing can provide solutions for many business operations. Successful long-term IT solutions can be created through .NET application development.
Lack of integration of ever-increasing critical data is a problem many organizations are facing today. In many cases, companies have added applications as needed, and as the technology became available. Or, they acquired a business and gained its system. In either case, the result is the same: valuable data is stuck in separate information silos. For example, your sales team may be using Salesforce, while your marketing team uses Marketo and the HR team uses Payday. When a company is operating this way, without data integration, departments function independently and reporting and information sharing becomes cumbersome.
Enter the arena of cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and you’ll discover the underdog, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, battling it out with the heavy-weight competitor, Salesforce. Meanwhile, industry giants such as Oracle Siebel and SAP CRM are sitting on the sidelines.
The European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens, also known as DigComp, offers a tool to improve citizens’ digital competence. DigComp was first published in 2013 and has become a reference for many digital competence initiatives at both European and Member State levels. This document introduces DigComp 2.0. It constitutes phase 1 of the update of the framework which focuses on the conceptual reference model, new vocabulary and streamlined descriptors
Procedentes de 15 países de tres continentes, as universitarias e universitarios chegados nestes mes de setembro a Pontevedra para vivir unha experiencia formativa e vital reuníronse na mañá deste mércores na Casa das Campás, onde representantes de diferentes servizos da Universidade quixeron guialos nos seus primeiros pasos no campus. Con México, Portugal e Brasil como principais países de orixe, Pontevedra recibe neste primeiro cuadrimestre un total de 44 estudantes internacionais, aos que hai que sumar, para un total de 59, os doce que permanecerán na cidade o curso completo e os tres polo de agora confirmados para o segundo cuadrimestre, para o que a matrícula permanece aberta ata finais de ano.

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